Arabian Costume Fanatic? Do you collect model Arab horses and wish to dress them in the best Arabian Native Costumes available? You are at the right place... Arabian Native costumes by Jennifer Wilson (formerly Jennifer Baker) are top live show quality and have proven themselves in the ring against the toughest of competition time and time again. My work has garnered nearly 300 known NAN Qualifications since mid-2001, probably many, many more as only about 25% or less of my customers remain in contact with me, and many costumes have found new homes over the years. Since my work's debut at NAN in 2004, costumes by me have earned 30 NAN Top 10's including 5 NAN Championships and 2 NAN Reserve Championships! The 2007 NAN was the best yet- and will be hard to follow up in 2008, but I am up to the challenge! Due to the high demand of my costumes, my books are closed indefinately. I stay far more motivated when I am working on a costume using my own ideals and color schemes than when trying to stick with some one else's plans.

I had taken a handful or orders in the end of 2007, and these will take me through 2008. After this point any future costumes by me will be created only for my personal collection and enjoyment. Be sure to join my Yahoo group as there will still be the Christmas thank you halter and the year end results contest costume!!! Thanks for stopping by... if you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me! Please join my costume E-Group by clicking here for up-to-date information, specials, members only deals, and more.

Finish work on resins is really picking up in popularity, but I am finishing up on the last orders for these, and as with the costumes, will be shutting down. I hope to create a few pieces here and there for myself, but I will likely not be offering any pieces for sale, and absolutely no CM order slots.

What's New? Not much- just trying to finish costumes as efficiently as possible and get through the last few handfuls of finishwork!

On the bench is:

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