Spring of 2019- On fire!

I can’t believe that we are already looking at Spring of 2019 in just a week. There will be a ton of new offerings from my studio in the next couple of months, both costumes and customs. Up for grabs in April will be three new costumes- one traditional, one classic, and one stablemate. They will all be uniquely different from anything ever seen in the ring before and sure to be show stoppers.

I’m also busy at work on a long-awaited showring costume for Jenni Lambert (that gorgeous peacock-colored Mandela pattern shown below) and a commission me stablemate costume for Darley (top right) for Annette Dean.

For customs in the next month, you can expect a gorgeous grulla Dartanian, a toasty chestnut Morsel, and a shaded black El Phantasma. Be sure to follow my Instagram and my Blog posts to be the first to know when items are available for purchase!

Jennifer WilsonComment